Burning bridges in 2019

So, 2019 is here. I have decided to delete all social media. I am going to focus on living life. I am not in a happy place, and it is time for me to take my life back. I’ve been living in this negative space for too long. I’ve cut out a lot of toxic […]

Dear Daughters….

I’m sorry. From the bottom of my heart I’m sorry. I never planned for life to go like this. I hope you make less mistakes than I did. I know you have to grow up and do your own thing, but I pray from the pit of my heart that you can learn from my […]

Pray for the pants

I am back at work after 11 days off, which of course they have me on days and I am literally crashing in my bed the minute I am coming home because when I work days, insomnia thinks its my friend. No worries, because I just relax in the tub with a movie and call […]

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I’m late. Blame my husband. He’s been home, so I’ve been enjoying extra time with him and it’s all his fault, but I’m happy so not going to complain. No real resolutions for me this year, just goals I want to achieve, because I like goals and lists that I can check […]

You stole her smile.

It was always about you. Everything was always about you. It wasn’t what you could do together, but what she could do for you. What she could do to serve you. She wasn’t a wife, she was a slave for your selfish ego, and narcissistic personality, that came at the cost of her. You stole […]

Sound of Rain

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m sitting in my quiet kitchen and hearing nothing but the sound of rain drops hitting the roof of our trailer. Warm coffees fragrant smell gives extra warmth the the chilly December air. I have always loved the sound of rain. Christmas was good here in the trailerhood. We […]


I was talking to my friend from Florida who lives out in the sticks, married to an incredible busy man. She was telling me how he surprised her last night with the most random date. I have to share because it was so cool, and I live through the eyes of others these days. He […]

At the crossroads….

I’m in a funk I can’t get out of. I’m exhausted. Pulled in too many directions. My voice feels like a whisper some days and roars like a lion another. I’m stuck at the crossroads, and don’t know which way to go. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. My mind doesn’t stop to let me […]

You love Jesus BUT….

When my life gets wonky, I don’t turn to prayer. I don’t turn to the Bible or my church, in fact I have tried for years to be this perfect Christian, and tried and tried and tried and tried. Guess what? It doesn’t fit. I love Jesus. I’m a huge fan of the J-man. I […]

Journaling is good for the soul

A few months ago, I began journaling again. Sadly, my journal entries are primarly negative entries, but thats how I roll. I let it all out and am able to move on with my day, hopefully with a good mood for the rest of the day. Remaining positive isn’t always easy especially in a world […]

Interdependence game

In a previous post I wrote about a game I used to play with our kids called the interdependance game and how it was a way that I tried to teach grattitued and mindfulness. The way the game was played was to be aware or mindful of materialistic items or food that we ate. I […]

A happy meal of A@@h$$es

People question our society and wonder what’s gone so wrong that people are killing each other, stealing and simple curtesy has gone out the window. I think kindness and compassion still exists within a few, but the human race as a whole has become a giant happy meal of assholes. I say happy meal because […]

Snow Days

We got hit with a rather large snow storm here in the midwest. This state is has no idea how to handle snow, much less drive in it. This weekend dropped the biggest snow storm I can remember in the last eight years. As a custodian, this means some seriously long and cold hours outside […]

Beautiful things happen when you stop caring

The idea of unschooling has intrigued me for years, but not to the level of follow through. I work for a school with brilliant minds teaching students that will grow up to do big things, students will assist those to do big things, and those that are just passing time. I chose to homeschool well […]

Not going quiet.

I’ve been fighting a dark battle for far to long. Part of consideration for shutting the blog down was due to feeling like I needed to censor what I say. I have decided not to shut down the blog. I am not going to censor what I say. This is my spot, these are my […]

Coming to an end

Life is complicated and messy. Some things you fight your damndest while with others you want to be fought for, and there comes a point when no matter how loud you get, you will never be heard because the words you use cause more damage. You can’t make the right words come together to say […]

November Minimalist Challenge

This months challenge is the Bedroom. Why? It’s the most important room in the house, yet tends to become the catch-all of every item that doesn’t have a “place”. The bedroom is where we go for rest, relaxation, snuggle time, solitude, sexy-time, and sometimes its timeout when you want to lose your shit because your […]

Saying Goodbye…

Life is changing rather quickly in the Trailerhood house. I am going to be a bit MIA for a little while. I am working on saying a final goodbye to some things that are not healthy for me. In the process of saying goodbye to things, I am also working on a big project that […]

I’m beginning to Hate Christmas.

We will see if you can follow this through. I have a point. I’m the grinch. I admit it. I hate Christmas with a passion. I hate the materialism of it all. It’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m hearing I’m buying this for this person, and this for that person. F-that. I’m just trying to […]

Are you hurting her?

A post is circling around Facebook that states “Do men ever sit back and think damn I’m hurting her?” It’s stirring up words, but no good conversation, just a lot of defense. Men and women are so different. Worse, not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. What one […]