November Minimalist Challenge

This months challenge is the Bedroom. Why? It’s the most important room in the house, yet tends to become the catch-all of every item that doesn’t have a “place”. The bedroom is where we go for rest, relaxation, snuggle time, solitude, sexy-time, and sometimes its timeout when you want to lose your shit because your […]

Saying Goodbye…

Life is changing rather quickly in the Trailerhood house. I am going to be a bit MIA for a little while. I am working on saying a final goodbye to some things that are not healthy for me. In the process of saying goodbye to things, I am also working on a big project that […]

I’m beginning to Hate Christmas.

We will see if you can follow this through. I have a point. I’m the grinch. I admit it. I hate Christmas with a passion. I hate the materialism of it all. It’s not even Thanksgiving and I’m hearing I’m buying this for this person, and this for that person. F-that. I’m just trying to […]

Are you hurting her?

A post is circling around Facebook that states “Do men ever sit back and think damn I’m hurting her?” It’s stirring up words, but no good conversation, just a lot of defense. Men and women are so different. Worse, not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. What one […]

Disappointment, forgiveness & distance

It is the nature of people to disappoint one another. Some forgive, and forget, while others hold a grudge. The word grudge gets tossed around a lot though. Too often people disappoint and then are forgiven over and over for the same thing and when the forgiven creates distance they are considered to be holding […]

Thorn in the back, and how to remove it

Moody people. They are like a thorn in the center of your back that you can’t reach to pull out, affecting everyone and everything around you. You walk on eggshells around them, tip toeing in hopes not to set them off and if their mood starts to affect yours, they will snap and tell you […]

The old man in the Trailerhood

Once upon a time, there was a grumpy old man that lived in the Trailerhood. He was the biggest, and meanest SOB that you ever could cross, at least that’s the way the story goes (or what some would like you to believe). He had the hottest of tempers, and the meanest looking of faces […]

Jesus isn’t a joint

Everywhere you look words spew of Jesus this and Jesus that. I’m so sick of Facebook at this point. I have friends that love to share nothing but Jesus stuff yet if you really look at their lives you don’t SEE him. They want to talk about the love of Jesus, but no one wants […]

Happy Birthday Big Bear!

Happy birthday to my husband, love of my life, the Big Bear! He can be cold as ice, a big old teddy and a giant asshole all in the same day if you talk to him long enough. It all depends on how people treat him. He tends to treat people how they treat him, […]

I need more hours please

Another 34 hours down, and my husbands truck is rolling again. Some families live paycheck to paycheck, but in this house we live by the 34. 😂 The 34 is when my husband rolls in for his 34 hour break before he has to head out for another 6 days or so. Reality check: we […]

I was raped.

I was the victim of rape many, many years ago. I felt ashamed, dirty, disgusting, embarrassed, violated, angry and hurt. I went through a lot of struggles with body image, which I honestly still deal with today. Rape changes a person for life. It does. Not all in the same way. We all handle it […]

Dream Date

Fellow blogger friend asked me what my dream date would be and that is a complicated question being married to a truck driver. See, we have never really done anything outside of dinner. I mean we’ve been to a car show and gone on bike rides. While most couples have been to concerts and movies, […]

Fighting Disconnection….

It’s hard not shutting down when you’re exhausted. The brain and the heart are not on the same wave length and life is wonky and all you want to do is disconnect from everyone and everything and you know you can’t do that. I’m sicker than people know, and work harder than I get credit […]

Lady chat!

Lady chat!

Ladies, short ramble here. Do your monthly self checks. If you find a lump in your bump and your under the reccomended age for a mamo, talk to your doc. Get your girls checked yearly. Mamograms don’t hurt as bad that people like to claim. What hurts is biopsies, and chemo. What hurts is watching […]

Screw being a better wife, men need to step the F up!

I have a bone to pick with the Internet, and Christian blogs etc. Across the web you will find how to be a better wife, how to keep your man, wives stop doing this, how to encourage him that. I’m calling some bullshit. It’s time for men to start stepping up their game a bit. […]

Another week bites the dust & another weekend down.

Work has been insane. I’ve been working a lot of overtime, and not sleeping much. Big bear and I seem to be running different schedules more than I like, but that’s life.He rolled in on Saturday early afternoons. Some friends of his popped in and had some cocktails while I ran errands. We grilled and […]

A day in the life of a night custodian….

A friend of mine were talking about how most people have no idea what a night custodian does per some conversations we have had with people. Now, rather than go into the odd nights with activities, plays, conferences and games where we have to clean up, set up and take town on top of our […]

Daily Routine & How I Got My Life In Order

Life used to be beyond overwhelming. Like to the point where I would take it out on my husband and was getting resentful of HIM. He would ask me to do things for him, which in all fairness, he couldn’t do all the things because he was on the road, but I was also at […]


Question- Is your tribe for all days, or just sunny days? Life happens and some days suck. There are times my tribe has had to shake me and aske me “what the hell are you doing Ceejay?” I get mad and eventually see the light, and apologize and it is what it is. Equivalent to […]

Why I became a minimalist

I’m asked frequently why I became a minimalist. The long and short probably isn’t what you’re thinking. Never is, right? I hate gifts. Gifts- anything people purchase for you with their money without intent of being paid back. Hate is a strong word, and I don’t use it lightly. Gifts and materialism is what turned […]