About Me….


Hello, My name is Ceejay. Welcome to my blog “Ramblings from the trailerhood.” I am your typical trailerhood mama. I have the double sleeve tattoos, married to a truck driver that also rides a Harley, and we have some kids. 3 actually. We have the Harley edition F150, 30ot6, 22 shotgun, and a dog like the country song says about hillbillies. We also have a cat, an albino ball python, and a chameleon. Our house is a damn zoo, but we love our animals.

Okay, so I am stereotyping, but truth be told, this is our life. I love my boots (as does my kids and hubby), my jeans and some kind of top that either keeps me warm or shows my tats. I love the sunshine, wide-open spaces, and dirt roads. The trailerhood would drive me batty if we didn’t have a very large yard. I hate living in the city, and the suburbs are not much better. I miss hills, pastures, cows and horses, but I love our home; I just wish we would have found a place more in the country.

I am a homeschooling mama by day, and custodian by night. My husband is on the road driving truck 6 days a week and home for 34 hours. We talk many times throughout the day, and have good quality time when he is home. Our life is not always easy, but its a good one and we make it work.

I love Jesus, cuss way too much and drink and impossible amount of coffee. I don’t always live life according to the rules, but rules were made to be broken. I guess that is part of why, I struggle in any church that has too many rules. Jesus didn’t want rules, he wanted a relationship. I’m not going to go down the preaching road, but Christianity has taken a wrong turn and people are turning away from the savior.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer. I was terrified of failure and rejection. Now, I am not so afraid. I write for me in hopes that you my reader will enjoy something I have written.

-Rambling Ceejay


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