Reality Blogging. A no BS look at what its really like to be married to a truck driver.

Facebook is an amazing place for truckers wives and girlfriends to find support, encouragement and a place to vent. Being a truckers wife is a lifestyle normal women struggle relating to. I love when I go to my support pages, read what another said I can shake my head and say “me too.” My week in review:

Saturday- My driver was up at 2am, and drove throughout the night to make it home by early afternoon. By the time he arrived, he was exhausted, and surprisingly not cranky. He hates driving at night. People like to drive with their bright lights on, the extra dangers of deer and drunk drivers make for a long night. The traffic is less, but night driving has its challenges. I snuggled up to him on the couch for a bit and mentioned a date. He quickly cleaned up and took his woman out for a steak. I may be a tiny girl, but I ate that steak like it was my last meal.

steak dinner

Sunday- We were out of creamer. My guy slipped out of bed and went to the store to get creamer, and then woke me up with a hot cup of coffee in bed. To a “normal” wife, it may not be a big deal. To a drivers wife, drivers do not willingly get in their personal vehicle and go to the store by themselves. If they do it is because they have to or are single. I managed to roll out of bed and sit on the deck to share morning coffee with my guy. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy sitting on the deck with him.

Later that day the family got ready and headed to the zoo. Family days are the best days. We walked a billion miles, had blisters on our feet and ate a bunch of  bad food, which required multiple trips to the johnny spot. All the animals were amazing, but this baby chimp was the most comical. It amazes me how baby chimps act so much like toddlers its uncanny. Is there anything cuter than babies?


Monday-  I have to work today. UGH! Big bear needed some food for his truck so Sams club shopping trip is required. Sams club before work means way more steps than normal., and a much more tired mama after work. We spent way to much, but we have a ton of delicious food for both the house and the truck, so we will call it a win. I went to work, and had some sudden blindness in my left eye which did not have a migraine follow. (I get migraines that cause stroke symptoms.) I called hubby, and off to the ER we went. They admitted me. Fun times.

Tuesday- Moved me to the stroke ward. I didn’t have a stroke, but they were monitoring me for a stroke. I was preparing myself emotionally for what was to come. Today was the day my husband needs to leave. I was so worried that I wasn’t going to be able to kiss him goodbye, but he came to the hospital so that helped. He wanted to stay, but in the life of a trucker, if the wheels aren’t moving, you’re not making money. I was not in critical condition so I told him to go. He was not happy about leaving and it was a very hard “see you later.” On the upside they released me from the hospital later in the evening so I was able to be with the kids.

Wednesday- Bed rest. My driver is cranky today because he is worried about me, mad that I made him leave, and the 4-wheelers (cars) are messing with him hard. He is having a bad day and there is nothing I can say or do to make his day go better even though I would if I could. His temper is short, and I can understand why. The way 4- wheelers act around a big truck is disrespectful, and dangerous.

Thursday- Nothing out of the normal. Bed rest and lying around the house. I spent way to much time on the phone and my ear hurts from my headset.

Friday- Doctors appointment follow ups. I am not released to get back to work until further notice. I still am weak on my left side. The doctor doesn’t think it was what the hospital thought, so more tests and physical therapy.

Saturday- Us girls are slow-moving today.  My driver is coming home tomorrow sometime. We are all excited and antsy. I am trying to get the kids moving on chores and yard work. Drivers can be a bit OCD, and most of us wives feel rushed to make everything “perfect.”

Super honest moment and many drivers wives will agree on this- Your driver will nit-pic everything and ramble a list of what you need to do. They have no idea what you really do, nor do we try to tell them everything. Sometimes the burden of expectations becomes too much. Many times, the nit-picking can kill your self confidence and make you feel like a failure. They don’t try to be this way. They are only home for a short time and depending on when they are home, they can’t do certain things, so the responsibility falls to the wives.

I still am unable to do a lot of things and that is okay….. for now, but to say I am not struggling mentally or emotionally with it would be a lie.

-Rambling Ceejay


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  1. Winnie says:

    I hate driving at night too since I don’t have the normal vision and I have to agree on that part of some drivers with their bright lights. It is a road courtesy that they do not know. It’s what my husband and I dislike about night driving. Things will get better. Have faith.


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