Encounter with a Ho

Every one has heard at one point that so and so is a ho, right? I mean we have all heard that term, usually behind someone’s back. Rarely, do you meet someone who proudly proclaims they are a “Ho.” Anyways, that’s not the point.

I already had my mind made up what she would be like, and when she walked in with her Uber short- shorts and semi-revealing tank top, I figured my assumptions were true. Yes, I was being a judgey Christian. What I didn’t expect was for this forty something year old Ho, to be beautiful and nice. I figured she was a man stealing, woman hater. To say I was on edge with her around my husband and kids was an understatement. After all, I had heard some things, y’all. Serious things, that I would not be okay with around my family. I promise, I have a point to sharing this.

She sweetly introduced herself to me prior to my husband or children which had to give her immediate props. Okay, so this woman wasn’t a woman hater. She was also respectful around my husband. We sat outside having random conversation that went from appropriate for others and girl talk. Her confidence amazed me. I don’t know why. Any woman who can undress without feeling self- conscious has to be confident, right?

What I learned in our conversations was how similar a past we had. I lost confidence, while her confidence was tied around each and every man that she could gain attention from. It broke my heart to think of how her confidence was tied to the attention of a man. She has put up this wall to keep any man from ever getting close to her emotionally.

So, me being me, after having a super hard day in church, I invited her to our small baptist church. I figured if Jesus wasn’t to good for a prostitute, than rambling Ceejay should embrace the Ho. She said she may come sometime. I doubt it, but I hope she does, because she is broken person who needs Jesus. I mean, we all need Jesus, but she really needs some Jesus.

Just goes to show, even the seemingly most confident of women have brokenness, insecurities, and self sabotaging issues. To say meeting this woman with a similar past as mine is humbling is an understatement. We just chose to carry our baggage differently.

I’m generally not a jealous person. I trust my husband and know that he loves me. To say I wasn’t insecure is a giant understatement. Not having use of my left side, has made me more insecure than I have ever felt in my life. Even though I don’t agree with how she handles her brokenness, I would say she is a woman encourager. Not once did she treat me as below her which is what I expected. Instead she was down to earth. Guess I got a smack in the face for judging…..

As long as she remains respectful of me and my husband, I will count her as a cool person. Because of her lifestyle, I will probably keep a distance. I did not enjoy feeling so insecure, but I guess that’s my issue not hers.

Props to my husband for being around another pretty lady and only having eyes for his wife. That helped A LOT.

Anyways, my encounter with a ho only proved what happens when you assume something. We all have some brokenness, and we all handle it differently. While I write this I am still angry with the good Lord, but one thing I know is we all need some Jesus. HE can fix our brokenness…… even when we are angry with him.

-Rambling Ceejay.


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