Last year of my 30’s- Happy birthday to me


Happy Birthday to me! I can’t believe I am turning 39. I don’t feel “old” and yet, I remember turning 21 and thinking my mom was ancient and she was only 39. Yikes! Is that how my kids view me? I mean, hundreds of articles sweep the internet on what to do before 40, as though life ends.

Some major shit happened in my 30’s. I found Jesus, had my last baby, got divorced, was a single mom, got remarried, moved a thousand times, was a stay at home mom then a working mom, had 4 different cars, had some major health crap and survived it all. I didn’t do any of it gracefully, but I did it authentically.  My life hasn’t always been chocolate cake, but the 30’s? 30’s were rough.

I love traditions. Today, I am starting a tradition. I am going to post what I hope to accomplish this year. I am going to begin making a bucket list because my birthday is officially a new year for me.

In my 39th year, I hope to achieve:

39. Regain full use of my left side.

38.  Heart surgery goes well.

37. Go to Minnesota, even if only a short visit.

36. Rebuild my relationships with the kids, be the mom they want me to be.

35. Stay plugged into my faith.

34.  Read 12 books. (with reviews)

33. Increase blog traffic, because I enjoy writing and hope I may bless my readers.

32. Take an overnight with my husband just because.

31.  Pay down half our debts, and work to being debt free.

30. Get back to work.

29.Go to the Omaha zoo.

28. Take each of the kids on an all day date, and spoil them rotten.

27. Get the house minimalist. Stop letting stuff control our lives and free time.

26. Save money. A nice emergency fund.

25. Eat healthier. Belly problems do better on rabbit food.

24. Remove people from my life that don’t respect my boundaries.

23. Remove all sources of negativity that I have the ability to control.

22. Stop multi-tasking. Focus on one thing at a time.

21. Unplug from electronics while spending time with people. Relationships are so much more important that a game or social media.

20. Start wood-burning again.

19. Go to a hockey game.

18. Go to baseball game.

17. Play games at a carnival and eat cotton candy.

16. Go on a horseback riding date with my husband.

15. Quit smoking….. once and for all!

14. Practice mindfulness. Be aware of what is around me and find the blessing.

13. Practice more gratitude.

12. Turn my worries into prayers.

11. Embrace my introvert self again.

10.  Find 4 outfits that I love and that I have picked out, that are my style.

9. Be goofy, take chances, stop caring what others think.

8. Stop living according to a to-do list and live life to its fullest.

7. Praise Jesus even in the storms.

6. Redecorate one room in our house. Not only redecorate, but make it more functional.

5. Plant some pretty flowers for our deck and don’t kill them.

4. Sleep 8 hours a day. Set a bedtime and stick to it.

3. Drink more water.

2.  Limit screen/phone time.

  1. Exercise, meditate and do everything possible to love my body even with the imperfections. It’s the only one I have so I might as well take care of it, and not be so disgusted by its imperfections.

I am excited to see what this year brings!

Rambling Ceejay



  1. Dena says:

    What a great, great list! The Omaha Zoo is amazing! The last couple of posts on your blog, I’m seeing the friend I knew re-emerge! I’m so excited to see this! You’ve always been amazing and strong, but your inner strength that I so valued is returning more and more and I’m excited for you and your goals! I’m here whenever you need accountability! Much love!


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