What Not to say to a truck drivers wife.


If I had a dollar for every time I was asked one of these questions, I would be a very rich woman. Honest curiosity is not a bad thing, but the judgmental questions, and nasty questions get hard. Some questions are just down right hurtful.

  1. Is your husband on the road? He’s always on the road.
  2. How long is he going to be gone? He gets home when he gets home. 
  3. How do you afford to live on a truckers salary? I also work full-time. Seriously, I don’t ask you specifics about your spouses income.
  4. How much money do they make? They make good money, right? Again, when is it okay to ask such personal questions.
  5. How do you know he’s not cheating? I don’t, but I trust him. He’s doing a job. Don’t you worry he’s going to cheat? Nope. I trust him 100%. Also, we both agree cheating is a deal breaker to marriage. 
  6. So that’s why your marriage works? This is hurtful. We love our husbands and the distance is hard, but we make it work. We work ten times harder in our marriage than others. 
  7. Don’t you get tired of him being gone all the time? Of course, but I am also very independent, so I try to keep myself busy with personal interests, homeschooling, work, hobbies and hanging out with the kids.
  8. Don’t you miss him? Of course! I love my husband dearly, and can’t wait for him to return. 
  9. Why would you marry a trucker? I fell in love with a man whose job happened to be an over the road driver. 
  10. Why doesn’t he just get another job? If you had a successful career would you change jobs? He was a driver when I met him, so I wouldn’t expect him to do anything different unless that was something that he really felt called to do. I support my husband.
  11. How do you stay faithful to him? If you’re asking this question I will walk away from you. This shouldn’t even be a question. Is it really that hard to be faithful to the one you love?
  12. So you’re pretty much a single mom? Nope. I function like one, but I have a support system in my ear. He may not be home physically, but mentally and emotionally he is always a phone call or text away.
  13. How do you handle the kids? I am a mom. Isn’t that what we do?
  14. How can you be on the phone so much? Your husband comes home at night and leaves in the morning. You still talk throughout the day. Its harder not to talk to him. I do put a limit on it when my ear starts to hurt.
  15. Are you still married? Yes, I assure you, we are still very much married. He is just at work.

Being a drivers wife isn’t for the weak. It’s like any other family that has a spouse gone for long stretches. It’s not always easy, and some things make it more complicated, but we make it work. If you are considering a relationship with a driver, you need to be very independent, have some things to keep your mind busy, and your trust game has to be 100% on point, because in the middle of the night, your mind can do some damage.

-Rambling Ceejay


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