Positively in control


Lately here, I stepped away from Facebook. I needed to step away from some dramatic things and just regain some focus. In life, some people will drain your happiness, some intentional, some not. I have shut the door on several friendships because they were not good for me. Negative people affect me mentally and physically. In order to gain some sort of control I had to cut ties. Some people I’ve just distanced from.

I’ve come to the realization that if your life is filled with drama and negativity, you can not live a happy life. I have decided not to play into it or give my attention to it. If someone only wants my time or attention on their time, I will eventually distance myself from them. One of my biggest pet peeves is the phone. I’m one of those people who want your full attention when talking to you. If you’re distracted by your phone, I’ll just stop talking. It makes me feel like what I have to say isn’t important. Rather than get mad, I just remove myself. I distance and over time, if I feel that I’m needing to distance more than not, I remove myself completely. It’s not worth hurt feelings.

When I was younger, I would talk to my dad (step-dad). I would need his full attention and he would act like he wanted to talk but was distracted. I would tell him something really important and then later he would get mad at me for not telling him. I told him, but he was distracted. My ex-husband used to do that with his phone. He would be texting or playing game. I would try to tell him something important about the kids and because he was distracted he wouldn’t really hear me. Later he would get mad that I didn’t tell him. I told him, but his phone was more important. Well, we know what eventually happened there. Other issues existed, lots of other issues, but this is a problem in a lot of marriages.

Point is in all this, don’t let the phone ruin your happiness. Focus on you’re children, friends and spouses. Forget the drama on social media. Really focus and tune into to human interaction instead of the computer in your hand.

People don’t need negativity and drama to survive. A friend of mine spouts drama like it’s oxygen. The bigger the reaction from people the more energy they get. I can’t do it and eventually needed to distance. Their life is a mess, and part of is because they skip around a broken record in search of drama. Their life is a mess. You can’t life a positive live surrounded by negativity. Eventually, negative things seem to find you so you really have something to talk about.

Keep your focus on God, turn your worry into prayers, distance from negativity, and find the positive in every situation. You get one life. Use it to honor God and make him famous. Show the world how blessed you are, not because life is easy, but because God is amazing.

Lots of love.

-Rambling Ceejay


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