Movie Review: I can only Imagine (Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers)


This movie “I Can Only Imagine,” has been heavy in my heart since I watched it a few weeks ago. So many people raved about this movie, I finally broke down and watched it. I am not a person who sits around and watches TV. I liked the movie, but was very disappointed. Knowing it was based on one of my favorite songs, I was excited to see what would produce such an incredible song. Please read to the end, I have an important point.

Until the end, I didn’t see Jesus. When I did see Jesus, it was within the father. What I saw in the son Brett, was a very selfish boy who proclaimed to be a Christian, yet greed was the drive for getting a record deal. I wouldn’t expect anyone to be a perfect Christian, because one doesn’t exist. However, leaving a broken and abusive home, to chase your dreams for a record deal, throwing a tantrum because he was told he wasn’t good enough YET, seems greed driven, not Christ driven. After arriving back home, you clearly see a changed man. His fathers clean cut, struggling to find the right words, all but in his knees begging for forgiveness and the son doesn’t blink before walking out. It’s not until he figures out his dad is dying that he suddenly forgives him and wants to better a relationship and make memories. Hmmm. I call BS on the whole living life for Christ thing. Not once in that film did I feel Christ within Brett. Christ changes hearts and it was clear that within dad, that was happening. Christ was within his dad. (Y’all, when the Lord changes the heart it’s for real! I’ve been praying for someone’s heart and they are changing before my eyes! You don’t walk away from this!)

As a Christian, it’s our job to worship and make CHRIST famous, not the other way around. We don’t worship Christ in hopes that he will make US famous, and I think this is where the movie kicked me in the proverbial balls. This is where my heart gets heavy. No one wants to talk about this part. We have a serious freaking problem in America among Christians and within the church. We go to these huge churches with thousands of people, where the pastor makes millions and is nearly worshiped. We want churches with the highest media and indoor playgrounds, the best camps and activities and all the “junk” to keep our kids interested, but Jesus isn’t sticking. Church is “fun.” Rock bands play on stage with the best sound systems and the lead singers hope one day to be discovered by a producer so they can one day have a record deal. Where is Jesus in this? This movie represents a huge problem within the church. The ME mentality within the church. Now, I know of a church that is big and has some of that, but is truly humble and is thriving. So it’s not all Big churches. Small churches have issues too.

My church is home. My pastor is the most humble man you could ever meet. Somehow, he manages to greet everyone and remember them which surprises me. His wife, is what a pastors wife should be. She is a gentle spirit, and sets a great example for other women on how to live life. The fact that the pastor and his wife are so real, rather than put on some pedestal only drew me more to the church. (I’ve been to a church where pastors were worshipped.) The members are true family and welcome all with open arms. My church is a come as you are and we will welcome you with open arms. This is church. Is is worshiping to make Jesus famous. We have flaws and struggles and as a congregation, we lift each other in prayer. No one at that church is working to become famous, but even my little church that I love has some issues.

(I don’t attend as much as I should, but church isn’t just a building to me. Sometimes it’s spending time with my family as a whole unit doing something fun because we only get a day and a half together. Our church welcomes us when we come, which is more in the winter than summer. No excuse other than 4 nice family days a month and I take them. )

Look, I suck at my faith. I forgive even if I don’t forget. I close doors on relationships if I feel they hurt me. I get angry with God. I can be materialistic at times. I struggle to have faith at times and wonder why God has allowed some things to happen in my life. I am not sitting here saying people need to be perfect, but damn, people will get behind anything labeled at Christian. A heart for Jesus is in that song, but I don’t believe it was Christ driven. That movie has been rubbing my ribs since I watched it and I can’t let it go. I could go on rambling for hours because the fact that movie was rated so high shows how big of a problem we have in America among Christians and within the church. What rattles me more is that people are not seeing it. I wanted to scream and shake Brett and say “what makes you think you are so special that God should make you famous??? Shouldn’t you be making Him famous???” In the end, a beautiful song came about that he wrote for his dad, that he once again turned the attention to him and not to Jesus. Smack my freaking head on the brick wall…..

Christians, we’re in trouble. Serious trouble. Y’all can point fingers at me all day long. Hell, I’ll point mine at myself, but as a whole, we are in some deep do-do, if this is the kind of stuff we will get behind, and not see an issue with it.

Okay, Rambling Ceejay is moving on but please ponder this question if you have dared to make it this far-

Are you living your life to make Jesus famous, or hoping He will make you famous?


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