Big A$$ Possitive

Well… now that I have your attention we are not pregnant, so you can remove that thought. I repeat- NO baby for the trailerhood family, BUT we have super positive news!

I am going back to work!!

I did it! I got clearance and am returning to work this next week! I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. My goal was to get back by September 4th and I am actually returning August 30th which is ahead of schedule. I know that it is going to be really rough, and I am going to be down right sore, but I’ll be damned if I will let anyone at work see that.

I plan to come home and cry in a hot bath tub afterwards.

Thank you for all the prayers! I’m so glad for the awesome physical therapist, and occupational therapist, and of course my amazing support system I have in my family and friends.

With Christ, ALL things are possible!

-Rambling Ceejay


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