Gasp! Cat people aren’t heartless….

I’m NOT a dog person… like at all. There, I said it. My HUSBAND is a dog person. I liked HIS pit bull. Loved her even. Loved her like she was my own. I still miss her like crazy today. Generally, I like other people’s dogs. You know other people who take care of the creatures and they are not my responsibility, unless they are trained to piss in a litter box and act like a cat.

I like my cat. A lot. Love my cat in fact. The dog? These days I think of him more as a little demon spawn from hell than an actual dog. I tolerate the little headache. Here’s the thing. I don’t like the work that goes into dogs. I love that my cat has a box, I fill her food dish and water dish weekly and she decides when she wants attention. Hell, I love that if I go out of town for a few days, I just make the bowl of food and water bigger. She’s golden. Granted, she gives me a “look” and I think she’s pondering my death when I sleep that night, but I’ll take my chance. She’s cool. We’re both introverts that like fuzzy blankets and kinda have attitudes.

See dog people seem to be more extroverted, while cat people seem to be more introverted. We just need some curl up quiet time with a good book and no people. Some people like a dog to protect their home, while I think some other means are better options for that.

I don’t “hate” dogs, but I hate the responsibility that comes with them. I hate the amount of attention they require. It frustrates me from time to time that dog people are so offended if you are not a dog person, because frankly I could care less if you like cats or not. As you can tell, today’s ramblings probably came from my last nerve being played like a dental instrument. This little devil spawn is going to make me need a straight jacket.

-Rambling Ceejay


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