I need a hat, and a dress, and some exotic place or a mountain.

Summer has been a season of challenge and growth for me. Lots of growth. I have been working my way back through serious physical therapy, medication and diet. I have been a by-stander to normal summer activities of water play, parks, vacations, road trips, beaches, and amusment parks. This summer hasn’t been a comlete waste because like I said, I have been doing some very hard things. I took a quick road trip recently that was very hard on me. I realized that road trips right now are just not something that I can handle.

I have a case of the jellies. I love all the pictures of chicks standing by flowers in some exotic place with a sundress and some cute hat even though I hate dresses and ball caps , jeans and boots are more my thing. I’m also jealous of sweaty chicks who complete marathons and still look sexy with their metals but let’s face it, I’m not running a “thon” any time soon, but if I did y’all would thank me because I would make the worst of you look awesome. Just saying.

While I crave a sense of adventure, and envy the exotic places these beautiful ladies are traveling in your sun kissed dresses and oversized hats, I will be thrilled right here with the progress that has been made over this summer. Perhaps this was the adventure I was meant to tackle, and that’s perfectly fine, (I’m still totally envious), but in a good way.

Enjoys your sun kissed skin, your beautiful dresses, your memories, and the lovely summer. You looked amazing. Thank you for taking me along on your journeys. I loved looking at the photos and reading about the adventures everyone has had.

Just another day of random rambling…

-Rambling Ceejay


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