Depression isn’t a sin

Depression isn’t this giant sin that society likes to make all hush, hush and sweep it under the rug like it’s a huge sin that should be some forbidden unspoken thing. In fact, depression is a real thing that has some chemicals in the brain get all fizzed up and it really needs a little or a lot help getting balanced, and not just getting right with Jesus kind of help. It’s a real thing that many people are ashamed to admit they deal with because they are persecuted and made to feel less than because they seriously are struggling.

I know and understand the signs of depression because I have dealt with them off and on my entire life. I hate the stigma of depression. If you’re sad people just blame the depression, like you’re not allowed to just be freaking sad. You know? Like sometimes life just sucks and you are going through some shit and it’s hard and you need to process. It’s when life is normal and you can’t get out of a funk that you realize that oh crap this is a real problem and I’m not just sad.

Don’t get me wrong. I need a whole lot of Jesus in my life, but I also need Cymbalta. It’s helps me with my Fibromyalgia pain, depression and my anxiety that I deal with. It takes all that f’ed brain chemistry and makes it balanced so I can function as a mostly happy human being. I was so ashamed to have to ask for help. It made me feel like this weak little mouse to go to the doc and say I need help because I can’t do this without some kind of medication. At the end of the day, I came to the conclusion that I am not going to be ashamed for needing medication and that I am not going to whisper the words depression and depression meds the same way you would herpes or some other horrific std that came from a one night stand gone wrong. People, depression is not an STD that you can catch and you don’t need to whisper it when you say it. Maybe if you speak it with the same strength of Cancer, lupus, MS, or arthritis we could rise up and prevent suicide. We could step in and love on those who suffer mental illness. We could help level out those brain chemicals instead of telling them they need to get right with Jesus, suck it up, making them feel like they’ve sinned , sweep it under the rug, or heaven forbid whisper it like they said they have herpes – we could actually treat the person like an actual human being that has a real freaking medical condition! Gasp! Imagine that! Could that be possible?

I’m not trying to make light of this. We need to open some dialogue on depression. We need to be open to hearing the real words that someone is saying. We need to know the signs and symptoms. Depression isn’t a phase that someone just goes through. It’s as real as any other medical condition and and frankly, I hate that we call it “mental” illness and I think because we call it this, it doesn’t help things. People hear mental and assume it’s in their head, crazy etc, when it’s still a medical thing.

I beg you. If you think that you may suffer from depression, please be brave and talk to your doctor. You may need to get help from a medication. Seriously, Jesus won’t hate you for taking a happy pill. Depression isn’t something you need to walk through alone. Also, journal like crazy. It helps to write all your words down. Pray… a lot. If a counselor helps, talk to one. Talk to friends. Laugh, watch movies. Do things that encourage self love. Tell those you love and trust what you’re going through just as you would with other health issues. Treat it like a normal health issue. Don’t treat it like something you need to be ashamed of. Be brave. Seek help. You do not have to walk this alone.

If you need help now call the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800- 273- 8255.

Also, if you feel called to help, check out their website.

-Rambling Ceejay


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