I didn’t die, but I’m P/O

I did it. I went back to work successfully, and didn’t die. Yay, for not dying, although my everything hurts. This week has been crazy insane. I managed to cook a bunch of freezer meals that would provide lunches and dinners for the family.

I prepared lesson plans with no help to a cat that that was upset annoying.

I dealt with an insurance company, to try to get some bonding junk done, dealt with a storage issue for a trailer, cleaned the inside of vehicle windows, managed housework, did some outside work like emptying water from trash cans, filling propane tanks, grill covers etc. I managed 7 loads of laundry, tackled minion fights, routines, grading papers, budget junk, deactivated my Personal Facebook, and ran a friend for an errand.

My leg hurts something fierce as do my feet. My shoes don’t give near the support I need, but that will have to wait. Lots of roll on lidocaine. I slept from 2am- 7am pretty hard but am still exhausted. I’m not looking forward to work mostly because my feet are hurting so bad from all the errands already. Thank God I have a 3 day weekend and a giant bathtub. I’m going to need it. This mom has a heavy heart today, as my body hurts and I’ve learned that I need to just keep my mouth shut on some things, because it’s just not worth it.

Rambling Ceejay


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