Why I became a minimalist

I’m asked frequently why I became a minimalist. The long and short probably isn’t what you’re thinking. Never is, right?

I hate gifts. Gifts- anything people purchase for you with their money without intent of being paid back. Hate is a strong word, and I don’t use it lightly. Gifts and materialism is what turned me into a minimalist because I saw first hand how ugly human nature can be. I don’t like anyone to buy me anything. If I want it, I would rather work hard to get it or do without.

I have always been a minimalist to an extent for same reason, but over the years, I got to a point that I was quite extreme. A defining moment when I became a minimalist was when I desperately needed a winter coat. It had been years since I had one, not a new one, but an actual heavy winter coat. My ex husband took me to get the winter coat which was $100 on clearance. Originally $300! I was SO proud. I got to the car and the guilt trip started. From the moment I left the parking lot I hated the coat. So, rather than be warm, I hated what that coat represented, I chose to freeze. At the time, I wanted to remind him he had just spent $500 on a video game system a week before. Instead, I bit my tongue because it wasn’t worth it.

These days, I don’t know how to accept nice gestures well, nor do I always know how to react to gifts. I get anxiety when someone buys something for me or does something for me and question their intentions. Hey, life is about learning and I’m still learning.

Minimalism for me is another form of baggage. I love the added benefits which I can talk about in another post because it has a lot of benefits, but when I’m asked about why I became a minimalist it was for emotional reasons. I learned early not to attach to materialistic items. Things could be removed and when you attach happiness, joy or comfort to and item you attach an emotion to it. In the long run, I didn’t want my happiness affected by an item. When I become very upset, I begin to throw things away. To remove things removes emotions. The less I own, the less I feel.

My husband is NOT a minimalist, like at all. He has collections of collections. I’m learning to be okay with more “stuff.” Minimalism will always be a thing for me. Over time, I do hope to have my husband embrace it “some,” but if he does he will do it his way and in his time and I’m okay with that. I’m working on my baggage and over time he can work on his. Yes, I actually do find myself hilarious. Minimalism is actually very freeing, mentally and emotionally. I always experience much higher energy, better moods and a crisp mental clarity like no other.

Until next time.

Rambling Ceejay


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