Question- Is your tribe for all days, or just sunny days?

Life happens and some days suck. There are times my tribe has had to shake me and aske me “what the hell are you doing Ceejay?” I get mad and eventually see the light, and apologize and it is what it is. Equivalent to what my friend Bubbles does in the “YOU are a child of God, now pull your shit together” and insert beating me over the heat with her cell phone. Hey, whatever works. My other friend Poohbear does more of a uh, ah hmm kind of thing and waits for me to figure it out and then when I go to her she’s like WELL…. I was just giving you space because I figured you needed it and you would figure it out.

Your tribe sees things that you don’t see or want to see. It sucks sometimes. I’m notorious for not listening to my tribe. I do the same thing to my tribe. I got their back. Sometimes I gotta give some space, because while I love my friends, sometimes I can’t be in their life if what they are doing is hurting me. I still love them, I still care about them, but they are in such a bad place that it consumes ME.

The key factor for every member of my tribe? We may not always agree with each other, but we always pray for each other. Hell, we may not always like a choice we’ve made, but we still pray for good things for each other and don’t wish to “get our way.” Jesus isn’t some magic genie that your rub the bottle 3 times and all your dreams come true. It don’t work that way.

I’ve said before, I don’t have a problem shutting the door to people in my life. This comes to the exception of my tribe. My tribe is my tribe. Thick or thin. All emotions. I could hate you in the moment and if you show up at the house and need me to throw coffee on, it will be on in seconds, even at 2am. That’s how a tribe works. Tribes are the people that have earned the spot into our hearts over the years and walked through the piles of baggage with us. Listened as the tears crashed to the floor, no matter how dumb they were, and those ready to mount up when life is unbearable. They are also the ones that laugh when we admit to screwing up royally.

I raise my steaming coffee cup to all the tribes, but most of all, much love to my tribe.

-Rambling Ceejay


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