Daily Routine & How I Got My Life In Order

Life used to be beyond overwhelming. Like to the point where I would take it out on my husband and was getting resentful of HIM. He would ask me to do things for him, which in all fairness, he couldn’t do all the things because he was on the road, but I was also at home trying to do all my things plus his things. Add to it the kids were dropping balls that I felt I had to pick up. They weren’t my damn balls to carry! I was unorganised and it was overwhelming and I was feeling a bit like a slave and very under appreciated. Not really fair to my husband.  True that he does put a lot on me. All drivers do- its part of the life. However, not all drivers wives homeschool the kids or work full time. In a nutshell, I was so unorganized, and I was dropping balls and then I would feel like a super failure instead of the super whatever that I’ve created in my brain that I am supposed to be and I would take it out on my poor husband. I tell you, that poor guy puts up with a lot from me. Don’t get me wrong. He isn’t Mr. Innocent. He can be a royal pain in my ass because he can be highly impatient and ocd, but he is also a very resonable man that if I would just TELL him I was overwhelmed, cry and get it over with so he can laugh at me for being an overemotional hot mess, and let him tell me he loves me and make everything okay things would be grand. Instead, I have to get mad at myself, then mad at him, beat around the bush and finally become this giant ball of tears. It’s okay to feel bad for my husband. I do too. For my sake and the sanity of my husband, I knew I had to change some things. He knew some things were off when $40 in candy stash was suddenly gone thanks to yours truly. In my defense, I can’t have alcohol. So, I changed some things.

Normal weekly routine

Every day, my alarm goes off at 8:15am, but I usually wake up well before then. Except Monday. (Totally different routine.). I use a Fitbit blaze. I can’t wake up to a normal alarm clock, but for some reason the vibration on my wrist up does. Probably because I think it’s a creepy crawly. 8 hours of sleep is the goal. Some days it happens, while other days it does not. Each of the kids have their own routine they are expected to follow in the morning which involve breakfast and chores, while, I get up, get dressed, talk to my husband and having a cup of coffee prior to starting school. Once I get kids moving on school, I  start laundry, clean the house and tackle my to-do list in between lessons and assignments.

I use a good size at-a- glance calendar that is my to-do list. I keep all important appointments, schedule, dates, in the monthly section. I have a list of the bills in the notes so I can check them off as they have been paid for the month. In the weekly section, I have my to-do list.  Most of the time I don’t pay attention to the day, because eventually all the lines get used. I keep a post it note in the weekly section to easily add items we need to pick up from the store. If I don’t get something done, it goes to the next week. As the week goes on, I check off the to-do list. This book, has become my lifeline. I forget things easy, so when my husband asks me to do something, I can write it down in my book, and I will get to it. If I don’t, I don’t. He gets that I have a very full plate. I put a star next to things that he asks about multiple times because I know they are top priority to him and need to be done ASAP.

Kids do school, one goes to work, I pick her up, others finish school, they eat lunch, dinner is in the fridge for that night, I get ready for work and friend keeps eye on kids while I’m at work and I head to work. At work, I grade papers on breaks so that I may go over things they don’t understand the next morning.

I usually hobble in after work sometime before midnight and hope to soak in a hot bath with a good book. If I’m not too sore, I try to get my workout done, but that’s not always feasible depending on the day. My job is very physically demanding so I’m happy to walk when I get home.

I take my meds, hop into bed for some Bible/ prayer time and hope to fall asleep sometime around midnight but many nights it doesn’t happen until 2 or 3am.

Monday’s routines are totally different. Hubby is home and needing to get on the road, so I’m up around 5am getting coffee for him and I, making sure he has everything for the truck, his laundry ready to pack etc. I visit with him a few over a cup before I take him down to the big truck and he rolls out, so my day starts much earlier Mondays. It’s all good. I cherish my time with him.

Sunday routine

Hubby mows the yard while I run errands getting supplies for the house and the big truck. He usually grills dinner while I do his laundry for the road. We sure love his grilling! Sunday’s we get to bed early because we have to get up so early.

Finding a routine that works for us has not been easy. The kids still drop balls, and I still pick up a lot of slack, but it’s a work in progress. I still drop a lot of balls. Over time things will flow more smoothly. I’m learning better time management as that is really the key to anything.

That’s the crazy routine here in the trailerhood!

-Rambling Ceejay


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