Another week bites the dust & another weekend down.

Work has been insane. I’ve been working a lot of overtime, and not sleeping much. Big bear and I seem to be running different schedules more than I like, but that’s life.He rolled in on Saturday early afternoons. Some friends of his popped in and had some cocktails while I ran errands. We grilled and I prepared food for them to take on the road with them. I did one of his friends laundry for him so he would have clean clothes for the road.

One of his buddies is taking the demon spawn for the week. Thank God. I’m happy about that.

Big bear mowed the lawn with a friend. That’s a chore. I took the oldest to work and did hubby’s laundry. I have chores to do around the house, but I need to find out what else the hubby needs me to do before he leaves in the morning. He’s been on the phone, so I’m not really sure what his plans are for the rest of the day. I know I need to finish his laundry and gather his things for the truck. I know he will wake me early to make coffee and load the truck to get the wheels going in the morning. I miss having coffee with him in the morning before he goes but we don’t do that anymore. Now, he rushes out the door. It’s the life.

We ended up going down to the Ren Feat which was super fun, aside from one child acting a bit like a but-hole. Moms, you know the feeling of dinner dates are all great, but when you never DO anything BUT dinner dates you kind of get annoyed especially when a kids acting like a jerk and you think well this could have been a date instead of a family thing? It was one of those days for me. I put up with someone’s attitude every day by myself and today I was just over it. I was over the eye rolling and being treated like I pissed in her wheaties for saying good morning. The other kid was great and one was at work, but that one with a the tude kind of spoiled the day. One day of fun and it had to have a mood. I was not thrilled. Next time I sense that mood her butt is staying home. I’m not doing it anymore.

I try and balls drop or I miss something or I don’t do it to someone’s standards. Rather than see all I do, it’s pointed out what I don’t do, and it becomes overwhelming sometimes because it comes from all angles.

Other than homeschooling, raising kids, work, and house chores nothing interesting has been happening around here. I’m tired, and have a lot in my mind. Nothing real interesting in my life to share here.

– Rambling Ceejay


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