Lady chat!


Ladies, short ramble here.

Do your monthly self checks. If you find a lump in your bump and your under the reccomended age for a mamo, talk to your doc. Get your girls checked yearly. Mamograms don’t hurt as bad that people like to claim. What hurts is biopsies, and chemo. What hurts is watching your loved ones watch you go through some serious health crap. You can’t prevent getting breast cancer, but you can hope to catch it early.

Any changes in your breast, you need to bring to your doctors attention. It’s probably nothing, but its always better safe than sorry. I’ve had some challenges and I remember being TERRIFIED. It turned out to be nothing, and we still moniter to make sure it stays nothing, but the relief of knowing was better than constantly worrying.

So ladies, jumping off the soap box here. For those who have traveled a hard road before us, check your bumps for lumps and talk to the doc about anything suspicious.

-Rambling Ceejay


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