Dream Date

Fellow blogger friend asked me what my dream date would be and that is a complicated question being married to a truck driver. See, we have never really done anything outside of dinner. I mean we’ve been to a car show and gone on bike rides. While most couples have been to concerts and movies, we have not. My husband is a bit older than I and has experienced a lot of life before me, while I have lived a bit more of a sheltered life and so we have some different perspectives on things and that’s okay. He drives a lot and so really doing anything that is a bit of a drive or around a bunch of people he has no interest in doing so dinner close to home is usually the activity of choice. Sometimes I feel like he already made all his fun memories and I just get to hear about them, but then I remind myself that he’s on the road a lot and I probably wouldn’t want to deal with people much either. Movies really aren’t my thing anyways. I try to just go along with what ever he wants to do. I love hockey, baseball and horseback riding, but that’s not really his thing.

I don’t give much thought into dream dates, and things like that because not only is my husband not a romantic type, but he doesn’t have a lot of home time and he has a lot to accomplish in a short time. On top of that we have kids and friends he needs to spend time with as well. Life is very different for a drivers family. All that matters is that we are happy, and at the end of the day, I love my husband.

So to answer the question: I don’t do much dreaming. If my husband wants to go out, we will go out. If not, we don’t.

-Rambling Ceejay


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