I need more hours please

Another 34 hours down, and my husbands truck is rolling again. Some families live paycheck to paycheck, but in this house we live by the 34. 😂 The 34 is when my husband rolls in for his 34 hour break before he has to head out for another 6 days or so. Reality check: we see him 8 days a month out of 30, and those rarely are full days, and even more rare are the blessings of a longer home time. It’s hard, but it works and it’s so worth it because damn I love that man even though there are some days I want to grab that goat and rattle my point of view in to him, but then again what woman doesn’t feel that way from time to time. Some drivers families have it way worse with them being out for weeks and months at a time.

This week was crazy at work with lots of overtime, BUT on the upside, I got back in my boots and am a happy camper about that, because for once my feet don’t scream at me all night and beg me to stop walking.

Kids are driving me batty with some “things,” but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing I can’t handle so alls well in the trailerhood parenting section, minus the mountain of laundry. It’s hard to be mom and dad sometimes, but then I remember, I’m not really doing this alone. Big Bear is a phone call away. The kids talk to him every day and FaceTime him. They love to call him for advice and to solve disputes or just to chat with him while he’s in the road. I love the bond they have. It’s amazing, how close they are to their poppy. I guess it shouldn’t really surprise me because my “step-dad” is my daddy and always will be. The kids have a complicated relationship with their biodad and well nuff said. All 3 kids ask him permission for things prior to me which is kinda funny because he’s way more strict than I am. He also spoils them rotten to the core. Rotten kids. I’m telling ya! It’s been a blessing that we have not had the struggles that I hear some have gone through, but we have had “other” challenges.

Big Bear didn’t roll in until later Saturday, and we had some errands to run. He needed to get some shirts for work, and he surprised me by getting me a Carhart jacket and snow pants for work. Camouflage of course! Super cool! Even better that we found them in the kids section because it was cheaper! He also needed a Jacket for work, so we got that. We took the kiddos to chipotle which Doddle claims is “her life.”

Sunday, I soaked in the tub with a good book for a good portion of the morning while hubby watched the football game with the kids and the fur balls. How about them chiefs??? Kick ass right??? After the game we went to Em Chamas with a bunch of friends to celebrate Big Bear and another buddies birthday which was awesome. The big silverback was out eaten by ME (go me!), drunk boy made a bit of a fool of himself but recovered, tyke whose 8 had like 12 oysters and a ton of sushi, doodle was goofy, And the birthday boys laughed so hard they had tears rolling down their cheeks thanks the me and the big silverback. All in all it was a good night, but we wish that Tink could have been there. She was at work. She doesn’t take many weekends off, as those are her money days at work.

This morning began at 4:15am (it’s Monday) and won’t end for me until about 1am Tuesday. This is the life of a working drivers wife. I got up early to make my husband coffee, and visit with him. I hate the rush out the door without our morning coffee time. I cherish that time with him before he leaves. It’s sacred to me. When it doesn’t happen I get a little resentful. I understand it, but I resent the truck a bit more that week. Kids will be up and moving within the next hour or two and we will begin school. Until then, I’m having coffee, writing, watching the news and chatting with my husband.

– Rambling Ceejay


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