The old man in the Trailerhood

Once upon a time, there was a grumpy old man that lived in the Trailerhood. He was the biggest, and meanest SOB that you ever could cross, at least that’s the way the story goes (or what some would like you to believe). He had the hottest of tempers, and the meanest looking of faces and his arms were the size of girth of a tree trunk, or so the story goes… and with all stories it is mixed with a bit of truth and a bit of fairytale.

What the world doesn’t see is that mean old man helping a child struggling with algebra 2 at the kitchen table, teaching a child to ride a two wheel bike or how to tie her shoes, wiping away tears when a favorite pet passes away, walking side by side through some really hard times, laughing appropriately when the wife is being irrationally hormonal, and even giving her a break from the kids or the housework when she has been at work all night just so she can come home to a warm, clean house.

Don’t get me wrong, this mean “old” man can be the meanest man on the planet if you mess with his family, or his friends. He’s like the ROCK in the movie skyscraper when it comes to his family. NOTHING is going to stop him if he can help it. He does have the meanest temper in the planet if you set him off, and he likes to think he needs to rescue his wife and forgets that I’m pretty okay at handling my own junk, but I like him having my back, because if I can’t handle something- I know he’s there.

This “mean old man” is what society loves to look down on. THIS is what you don’t see when you look at a truck driver. THIS is what you don’t see when you mess around with the big trucks and put not only your life in danger, but theirs. They have a family too. They don’t get much time at home, but when they are home, they do all the things that other dads (and moms) do, but because they can’t do it as often it makes a much bigger impact on their families. They go out on the road to make a living. It’s their job.

Give them room.

Don’t cut them off.

Pray for them.

Don’t slow down and speed up in front of them.

If they go to pass you, let them pass.

Don’t ride on the side of their truck.

Left side is for passing a big truck, right side your looking to commit suicide.

Don’t right their tail, ESPECIALLY on a hill!

Please think of this when you see the big trucks. Help bring the drivers home to their families. I know their are some trashy drivers out there. The world is full of trashy people in general, but depending on their title or income status seems to determine whether they get respect or not, and we need to change that thinking.

My husband HATES when I talk about him. He’s a very private man. However, THIS is important. This isn’t just my husband. This is all the driving daddies and mommies on the road.

Help bring our drivers home safe even if they are the mean old man from the Trailerhood. 🙂

-Rambling Ceejay


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