Are you hurting her?

A post is circling around Facebook that states “Do men ever sit back and think damn I’m hurting her?” It’s stirring up words, but no good conversation, just a lot of defense.

Men and women are so different. Worse, not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. What one allows in one relationship, wouldn’t fly in another. I’m not an expert, But I’m pretty good at miscommunication and people watching.

1) Do what your wife/ girlfriend does with you? Does she take pictures of you? Does she take pictures with you? Does she post she post these on social media and show her friends? She’s doing this because she loves you and is proud of you. She wants to show you off. Men, if you take pictures of everything and everyone BUT your wife or girlfriend, you’re going to hurt her. I know you don’t think about it. Ladies want to know that you want those photos of us as much as you want the pics of the kids, girls in bikinis, cars, mountains or other family members. If you have everything and everyone BUT us on social media, what does that say to outsiders? I’m not sayin you need to blast everything out there like crazy and out all your personal shit out there, but outsiders looking in- try that perspective.

2) Do you give her your full attention? When you hear the words “Hey babe, guess what?” That’s your cue that she needs your undivided attention. Do you want to be the first person she calls with news or last? It’s your choice. If she feels you don’t care because she has to fight to even tell you what she really wants to tell you, she will eventually give up telling you. If she has to fight for your attention she will stop trying to get it. She doesn’t need to be the center all the time, but bet your ass if you start making her the last priority she will show you how much she doesn’t need your attention.

3) How does she REALLY rate? Nuff said. When calls come in, who gets let go? When on phone or around who gets the conversation? Actions speak louder than words, and guys you’re really good at the foot in the mouth, but also your actions can be super hurtful. Often, you don’t realize how much you put your lady on the backside.


Yeah, men do some seriously hurtful things, and often we bury it and try to ignore it. This is why many times when we lose our shit things that have happened in the past jump out. We’re just different then men. We hold it all until we can’t anymore.

Truth be told, this is why good men lose good women. The don’t see they are hurting her. It’s a. Inch of small buildups over time. Eventually, she disconnects emotionally and physically. Once you lose the heart, it takes a while, if at all to get it back. Even the most kind and understanding women eventually give up.

Ladies, try to lighten up some and see if it was a genuine mistake. A mistake that continues to happen is a choice. Open some dialogue prior to ending the relationship. Things would be so much better.

-Rambling Ceejay


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