November Minimalist Challenge

This months challenge is the Bedroom. Why? It’s the most important room in the house, yet tends to become the catch-all of every item that doesn’t have a “place”. The bedroom is where we go for rest, relaxation, snuggle time, solitude, sexy-time, and sometimes its timeout when you want to lose your shit because your child is acting like a butt.

When the bedroom is out of whack, aka a complete disaster zone, it messes with the energy flow of your room. Everything feels more congested. Take the time to go through each item this month in your room, and you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel.

So this month I challenge you to declutter and organize your bedroom. I would love to see the before and after pictures if you’re brave enough. Sadly, I didn’t take any, but I promise to take pictures in the future. I will tell you, the hubby and I tossed out 8 trash bags of stuff. We still have some work to do this month as we need to tackle some more clothing items. He was a rock star this weekend and took out the paper mountain that was lurking in our closet.

CLOTHING- Do you love it? Would you buy it again? Does it fit? If you love it, and wear it, put it away. If you don’t wear it and it is in good condition, donate it or not good condition, trash it.

Purses/ bags/ect- Do you love it? Do you USE it? You know what to do. Find a home for it now.

Sheets/ blankets I am ruthless with sheets. I keep two pairs per bed. I like to buy high quality. One pair goes on the bed, one pair between the mattress and box spring.  The rest, goes in the trash or donated.

Footware- Here is a tricky one. How often do you wear them you shoe hoarders?????? Find a place for them!!!

Papers- File and shred piles. Don’t actually do this now, but make your piles, set aside and move them to another room.

Books- Oh the beloved books. This is where I am a hoarder. I struggles so hard to depart with the books. I keep my favorite and must pass on the rest for another to read.

Guns/ knives/brass knuckles/ swords keep. Just keep them all, but put them in a safe place because you know. Just never know…… I mean, I don’t have all these, but you know.

Medicines- Check your dates and dispose of and deal with appropriately.

Other misc crap in your closet. Deal with it. You know tents, motorcycle stuff, pictures, ships, random lighters, belts, etc. Just deal with it.

You get the point. We all have random crap we keep in our bedrooms, that probably don’t belong in there. Some of it most certainly should stay in there.

Sidenote: A friend of mine recently forgot to clean her closet and had a medical emergency. Well, she needed some stuff from her closet and sent her mother in law searching. Needless to say she forgot about the box of sex toys in the top of her closet that wasn’t used for many years. Her mother in law was mortified when she found those little gems, or big gems. Not sure which, but she was, um, shocked. Anyways, knowing what you have in your closet is half the battle. Now, had she decluttered her bedroom and tackled that closet, she would have known about those unused toys, would have discarded them, wouldn’t have had to have that awkward conversation, and I wouldn’t have the pleasure of sharing her embarrassment. (I had permission) She should have decluttered her bedroom……

I promise that while the process may feel painful at the time, it is well worth it. You will feel more….. everything.

-Rambling Ceejay


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