Snow Days

We got hit with a rather large snow storm here in the midwest. This state is has no idea how to handle snow, much less drive in it. This weekend dropped the biggest snow storm I can remember in the last eight years. As a custodian, this means some seriously long and cold hours outside shoveling and dropping salt melt to make for it safe for other staff and kids to go to school. Needless to say, we have spent the last two days outside freezing our tails off to get things up to par. I am cold to the bone and am now sick, but that is part of the job. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often and I work with a really great team that all pulls their fair share. It wouldn’t have taken us so long, but the ice made things more complicated. When weather happens, it also means our normal shift starts earlier and throws our normal daily life out of wack. We are at the mercy of the school disctrict and normal routines go to the wayside. Props to all the custodians and plow drivers that braved the roads, to tackle a task that felt impossible. We did it. We may do a job that feels unappreciated at times, but because of us, the kids and other staff can be confident that they will have safe access to the schools. Some schools appreciate the custodial staff more than others. Mine loves their custodians and for that I am so grateful! It sure makes the job that much easier.

As I write this, I struggle to keep my eyes open. I really should be working on some other tasks, but those tasks take full attention and I don’t have it. I lost my brain this week. THE BRAIN. Remember a few months ago when I was talking about my calendar that I put my to-do list in and keep all my important details in? We call that THE BRAIN in this house, and I lost it. I went into full panic mode, because without it I can’t do life. Things just don’t happen. I have been decluttering, simplifying and getting rid of baggage and just overall letting go of all the junk in life that is taking up space that happiness and peace can reside. In the process of all of that, I lost the brain. I ended up finding it today prior to going to work. It was in the little refrigerator in our bedroom. Don’t ask how it got in there. I put things in dumb places when life gets stupid. Lately, life has been stupid. Anyways, I am excited because I found my brain and I can feel like a superwoman again even though I burned that damn cape a long time ago.

I love snowdays a little more when I can stick around in fuzzy pajamas and sip hot coffee with a good book or snuggle my hot husband. I can’t say I love working snow removal as a custodian, but I will say I love the fullfillment of a big job being completed. I love the teamwork behind a bunch of people working really hard together on a job and encouraging eachother to do something in less than ideal conditions. I love seeing interdependance in action and knowing where I fit in that. Even while I sit here cold to the bone, completely exhausted, and a sore throat; I love being a custodian. It’s so much bigger than just cleaning toilets

Have you thought about the interdependent relationships of your job and followed all the connections? It can be a fun “rabbit hole” to travel.

-Rambling Cj


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