A happy meal of A@@h$$es

People question our society and wonder what’s gone so wrong that people are killing each other, stealing and simple curtesy has gone out the window. I think kindness and compassion still exists within a few, but the human race as a whole has become a giant happy meal of assholes. I say happy meal because McDonald’s got something right. Their slogan nails it on the head. Have it your way! As a whole, if we don’t get OUR way, or heaven forbid we are WRONG, we must throw a temper tantrum and act like we are two. People want to make good money, but don’t want to do what it takes to make the money. Sorry, you want money, you’re going to be a busy person working all the time. People lie and steal and cheat because we live in the age of wanting it now. Divorce is on the rise because reality is two people don’t ever want to admit to being wrong, something they wanted “now,” or they had to have it their way. Fast food knows what’s up. It’s not about guns. It’s people and out mentality and fast food knows how to cut to the chase and sum it all up.

What would happen if we gave people grace?

What would happen if we were kind to everyone?

What if we showed compassion to those who didn’t EARN it, but because they were human.

What if we FELT empathy for others?

What if people understood LOYALTY?

What if people kept their nose in their face and their hands busy?

What if people took in consideration of others before actions?

SIDENOTE: OMG this drives me crazy!!! People who worry about what everyone is doing and think it’s their “job” to fix, solve or teach them a lesson. Keep your nose on your face. People(!!!) if you want to be happy, like truly freaking happy, you are not going to have it by being in everyone’s business. It’s not your job to worry about what everyone else is doing, nor is it you’re place to teach them a lesson or fix it for them. These are the worlds most unhappy people and it brings everyone down around them. DRAMA QUEENS OR KINGS if the shoe fits! I can only handle these people for so long and I distance myself from them because they are SO toxic. Sorry folks, these are usually talkers.

The world has two types of people. Talkers and listeners. Most of the time, I am a listener. I listen, see and do. When I do talk it depends on who you are. Listeners are usually doers. They are the ones trying to do everything. I tend to fall in that category.

I’ve been practicing being more mindful. I’ve been meditating a lot. I’ve been simplifying and disconnecting. I’ve been minimizing everything including human interaction that disturbs my peace and happiness. I’m distancing from things that are outside of my comfort zone. I’m working hard at work to make money to contribute to the family. I’m reading.

My inner lion has been getting ready to roar for a long time, and when I felt that rumble I knew I had to do some soul searching and seek MY path. I’ve made some mistakes and have many regrets. I’m working to not repeat them moving forward. I’m working to remove all the toxic from my life because I’ve allowed it to deep into my core.

One thing that has become very clear to me on this journey is that I don’t see CHRIST in the church. I don’t see CHRIST in most of his people. Honestly, I see a lot of selfish people waving a Jesus badge around on Facebook yet not living the life. I see a lot of Christians not showing kindness, compassion, empathy, or grace. Don’t get me wrong, I know some kickass Christians shining their light bright, but that light speaks before they ever do.

I miss my Buddhist friends. They were mindful of their words. Mindful of their actions and everything they did was INTENTIONAL. They walked with intent to be kind and compassionate. They lived simply. A coffee date out was encouraging because the happy meal mentality was nonexistent. Soft spoken, slow to anger, quick to offer a kind work and encouragement came easy. I miss that. All of that.

I’m not disowning Jesus, but I’m also not sure where I’m at these days. I know I’m not in church. I understand it’s a place for sinners, but I also think it’s a cop out to keep treating people like crap while waving that badge around. You’re life would change if you were really following the teachings, otherwise you’re just waving the badge. There is a real thing called church hurt and it has nothing to do with a building.

This holiday, I’m not in the spirit. A lot has to do with the toxic people I allowed to invade my spirit for far to long. I’m taking my life back one day at a time. I certainly don’t want to be another nugget in the happy meal. So this season, I’m going to focus on mindful living, and simplicity, and being happy.

Enough Rambling, I have more trash to discard!

-Rambling Ceejay


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