Interdependence game

In a previous post I wrote about a game I used to play with our kids called the interdependance game and how it was a way that I tried to teach grattitued and mindfulness. The way the game was played was to be aware or mindful of materialistic items or food that we ate.

I will walk you through how the game was played. I will use a pair of shoes for example. Lets say a child needed a pair of shoes.

First thing we would need to do is go to the store for a pair of shoes.

1- shoes store and its employees.

2. delivery drivers to deliver the shoes to the store.

3. truck drivers that drive the gas to the gas stations to fuel the trucks that deliver the shoes to the store.

4. truck stops that fuel the trucks.

5. factorys that make the shoes and the workers that work the machines.

You get the point. As the kids get good at this game, they would have began with the car that you own, and your gas in the car. If they get really good at the game they will talk about your job to pay for the gas and the car to get to the store and continue from that point on. Once they understand the interdependence, they can learn to see the grattitude. They begin to see that in some way we all have some connections and ties through our daily purchases for both wants and needs. They will begin to look at the items they wear and eat differently. They will become more mindful over things they own and purchase. Through this process they find grattitude for those around them and stop seeing the rich and poor. They begin to see people. We walk through life looking for the best deal or giving respect to someone in a suit but not someone in overalls, yet they are usually connected somehow.

Kids don’t see the big picture unless we teach them. We live in a very materialistic and selfish society. This is a good game to teach them how to think about others. Mindfullness isn’t a bad thing. The game is a bit of an eye opener even for most adults.

I hope you enjoy.

-Rambling Cj


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