Journaling is good for the soul

A few months ago, I began journaling again. Sadly, my journal entries are primarly negative entries, but thats how I roll. I let it all out and am able to move on with my day, hopefully with a good mood for the rest of the day. Remaining positive isn’t always easy especially in a world that is so focused on all the negative all the time, and I have been known to be one of those people. Somehow putting it all on paper, letting it all out with all the words and without all the judgement and censoring helps. I don’t have to worry about what I say or how I say it or sticking my foot in my mouth, because I do that a lot, and frankly I can go all crazy in my personal little vent tent and when I come out everything is sunshine and roses. Journaling is good for the soul.

I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs a journal. I have also come to the idea that if you read someone elses journal you are a jerk and whatever you find, you can’t get pissed off about because you shouldn’t have read their soul. With that,  I have a confession. Years and years ago, I read my daughters journal. I didn’t like what I read in it. I totally cussed her out for all the crap that I read, and then felt like a total asshat later. I invaded her privacy and had no business reading it in the first place. It totally put a damper on our relationship and took forever to rebuild it. Lesson learned, and it isn’t a mistake that I will repeat.

Thats my ramble. Get a journal. Its good for your soul. Mine, is going to keep my husband from dealing with a crazy, hormonal wife.

– Rambling Ceejay


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