Sound of Rain

It’s the day after Christmas and I’m sitting in my quiet kitchen and hearing nothing but the sound of rain drops hitting the roof of our trailer. Warm coffees fragrant smell gives extra warmth the the chilly December air. I have always loved the sound of rain.

Christmas was good here in the trailerhood. We kept it minimalist as usual. The kids received their four gifts and family members purchased a zoo membership and a science museum membership, which provides a years worth of fun and memories for the kiddos. It’s always special to have memberships to places the family can do together that would be costly to do without. Going once or twice is equal to the cost of membership.

The husband and I spent Christmas night snuggled up watching Birdbox, Tag, and Boondock Saints. All great movies by the way. Boondock saints isn’t for kids at all due to cussing, gore and nudity, but awesome movie. Tag is rather kid friendly if you don’t care about cussing. There is a dude shown in a thong, a chick in her bra and if watching with kids just turn it off and don’t watch credits. Birdbox has language and does show a couple from the side “doing it” but nothing is actually shown. It’s a pretty creepy movie, but I’m a baby with thriller movies. Seriously, my husband laughs at me.

I have the rest of the week off work so I’ll be working around the house, enjoying the family and hopefully getting my head out of stress mode. I’ve been super stressed at work and it’s affecting me.

Slowing life down to a simpler pace.

-Rambling Ceejay


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