You stole her smile.

It was always about you. Everything was always about you. It wasn’t what you could do together, but what she could do for you. What she could do to serve you. She wasn’t a wife, she was a slave for your selfish ego, and narcissistic personality, that came at the cost of her. You stole her smile, and didn’t notice. You noticed if men paid attention to her, but not that men noticed her beautiful personality that only came out when you weren’t around. When you were around she had to to put on a show to serve YOUR needs. She served your image. While you were stealing her smile everyone noticed, except you. They noticed how you treated her. How your needs came before hers. She was loyal, while you were our fulfilling your ego with other females. She was loyal while you were escaping with drugs.

She kept quiet when she finally left and you rubbed her name in the mud, giving you the respect that you didn’t deserve and yet you destroyed her.

The only person you cared about was yourself. You never seen the pain she was in. It was about you, what you wanted, what you needed and the only time it was about her was when you thought she was leaving.

You may have stolen her smile, but she found her voice and you’re the one alone. She will never tolerate what you put her through. She will only tolerate selfish behavior for so long. Thanks to you, you have taught her what she will and won’t allow in her life.

For all the ladies who once loved a narcissist, life does go on. Love yourself first, and never settle because you are worth it. If someone can’t see your worth, that’s about them, not you.

-Rambling Ceejay


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