Happy New Year.

Happy New Year! I’m late. Blame my husband. He’s been home, so I’ve been enjoying extra time with him and it’s all his fault, but I’m happy so not going to complain.

No real resolutions for me this year, just goals I want to achieve, because I like goals and lists that I can check off and feel like I achieved something.

My goals for 2019 are simple, but many.

1. As many baseball games as possible.

2. As many hockey games as possible.

3. Keep a positive attitude.

4. Take lots of pictures because life is short.

5. Go on more hikes.

6. Go for that dream I’ve wanted. Stop worrying about failing.

7. Keep doing what’s best for me.

8. Go roller skating.

9. Read a book every month.

10. Dance with my husband every chance I can.

11. Laugh often.

12. Stay minimalist. Life is about memories, not possessions.

13. Send more cards and thank you’s.

14. Work hard every day.

15. Spend as little as possible, save as much as possible.

16. Love well.

17. Be kind to those who don’t deserve it.

18. Drink more water.

19. Take care of my body, mind and spirit equally.

20. Learn something new every day.

21. Watch many movies snuggled up with family.

22. Finish the projects I started around the house.

23. Start another project or two around the house. Nothing big, but enough to make a difference here in the trailerhood.

24. Attempt to start sleeping more, but reality is the amount of pain I am in every day it probably is a pipe dream.

25. Find ways to encourage others every day.


-Rambling Ceejay


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