Pray for the pants

I am back at work after 11 days off, which of course they have me on days and I am literally crashing in my bed the minute I am coming home because when I work days, insomnia thinks its my friend. No worries, because I just relax in the tub with a movie and call it good. Well tonight, I noticed something horrendous! I got ROLLS. 11 days off with my husband and I got rolls. Keep in mind, I am a skinny girls and if it were up to my husband, he would crank up the calorie count in my coffee to a steak and potato level and have daily notifications sent to his phone with my calorie intake, outtake and the weight loss I have had. He isn’t obsessive, but he worries about me, because I am not great about taking care of myself, and I take some seriously harsh medications. Hear me out.

I don’t worry about the rolls because I am “fat.” I worry about the rolls because I am the girl who has to fit into her current pants and I work with all men. I am also the girl who has split her pants during the physical exam for said job. Granted it was at the doctors office, but the embarrassment was real. Also, the guys give me enough crap, and splitting my pants would give them a years worth of jokes, so I don’t need that kind of attention. Splitting my pants once was enough, thank you. Needless to say these rolls have me a little concerned and I am thankful to be back to work after 11 days of my husband filling my belly.

I love being a drivers wife. I am thankful we have had 11 days together and it was so hard to watch him get in the truck. During the time he was home we had lots of quality time together as a family and as a couple. This is what people don’t get.  Being a truckers wife isn’t easy, and I know he struggles to drive away every time, especially with how little respect they get out there on the road. People think big trucks are slow and get in their way, or the drivers are trashy. Well, like the rest of society, some are and some aren’t.  I worry about him every time he is gone. Every 6 days, I get 34 hours with him, so to have had him for 11 days was amazing.  I wish people would realize the sacrifice over the road drivers (and their families make). You may be in a hurry and see them as in your way, but without them, good luck shopping for food or fun things you want because trains can’t go everywhere. Slow down and give them room please. I would like my guy home safe.

So while my husband is out on the road, I am going to work on the newly developed growth on my body. Pray for my pants.

-Rambling Ceejay


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