Focusing on the Ability

Focusing on the Ability

Life is to short to focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do. Don’t let your diagnosis define you.


You are worthy

Grab some coffee. Let’s have a heart to heart. Some time not that long ago, something was said to me that was heartbreaking and shattered my world to the point of feeling unworthy and left me not knowing how to come back from it. I had heard those words before, and similar words to them […]

You got this!

Growing up, I worked alongside my grandfather who like Jesus, was a carpenter. (There is debate on this for some, but so not going there.) My grandfather taught me a lot of skills that have been useful throughout my life. So this week, I am in the process of redoing my living room. It’s a […]

The hard boiled egg and I

There is a story that boiling water either softens the potato or hardens the egg. Well, I have become the egg. I’ve had my share of hardships over the last 2 years, and somehow I let it harden me into someone I don’t like. I don’t like who I have become. In fact, when I […]

Scoop of Jesus, dash of Cymbalta, and a sprinkle of simplicity

Somethings changing. I have a enough worries to justify feeling stressed, but I am beginning to feel a sense of peace. The peace feels unsettling. I have been angry for a while, which has affected every aspect of my life. A storm has been brewing within me and while I tried to hold it down, […]

To all the fluffy girls

To all the fluffy girls

It’s 7am, and you are jumping out of the shower, stepping in the scale only to berate yourself in front of the mirror (for the millionth time this week), because the scale didn’t reflect the salads you’ve been gagging down when you really wanted the pizza, chocolate or burgers. More self hatred follows when you […]

The woman who gave up

The woman who gave up

Today’s a hard anniversary. A friend of mine grew up in a house with a very abusive dad. Her mom had to perceive the image of perfection. Every day at 5 o’clock she would become nervous if her husband coming home. She walked on eggshells because she knew something would be wrong. Her home was […]

Dear God- W.T.F just happened?

One thing I have always been told by Christians, is the closer you get to God, the more spiritual warfare you encounter because Satan tries to bring you down. I’m not sure if that is true or not. My life has been spiritually derailed for a few months as this point, so….. Frankly, life was […]

Finding peace in the middle of chaos

I am grateful for my little piece of country in the middle of the trailerhood where I find a source of simplicity when my mind is overwhelmed with complicated burdens, and nothing is in my control. Sunshine and open spaces have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul when the burdens become too […]