Snow Days

We got hit with a rather large snow storm here in the midwest. This state is has no idea how to handle snow, much less drive in it. This weekend dropped the biggest snow storm I can remember in the last eight years. As a custodian, this means some seriously long and cold hours outside […]

Be still, and listen

I’m in a season of stillness. I’m watching, and listening to those around me. I’m decluttering my life of things, negativity and people. Things are easy to get rid of. I’m not a materialistic person, and truth be told, I’ve never owned much. I’m a rather simple person and too much just overwhelms me and […]

You got this!

Growing up, I worked alongside my grandfather who like Jesus, was a carpenter. (There is debate on this for some, but so not going there.) My grandfather taught me a lot of skills that have been useful throughout my life. So this week, I am in the process of redoing my living room. It’s a […]