Pushing through the pain

I had no physical therapy today, which meant therapy at home today. No one to blame today but myself, but you know what they say, no pain, no gain. I got goals baby! Not gonna lie, the rain we have been having has my fibromyalgia flared up, but nothing new there, is what it is. […]

So you want to date a truck driver???

Okay, so you randomly meet a dude and find out he’s a truck driver. I’m gonna tell ya, there is some shit you need to know before you start this journey or it isn’t going to work with y’all, because it isn’t easy. I’m not talking about in town truck drivers who are home every […]

Focusing on the Ability

Focusing on the Ability

Life is to short to focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do. Don’t let your diagnosis define you.

You are worthy

Grab some coffee. Let’s have a heart to heart. Some time not that long ago, something was said to me that was heartbreaking and shattered my world to the point of feeling unworthy and left me not knowing how to come back from it. I had heard those words before, and similar words to them […]

Be still, and listen

I’m in a season of stillness. I’m watching, and listening to those around me. I’m decluttering my life of things, negativity and people. Things are easy to get rid of. I’m not a materialistic person, and truth be told, I’ve never owned much. I’m a rather simple person and too much just overwhelms me and […]

Giving up..

I’m slowly giving up on a lot of things, and just giving it to God. I can’t help but feel like I am the needle skipping around on broken records. Things feel the same, it’s just a different record. Time to give it to God and let Him handle it. I’m throwing my hands up […]

What it means to have a tribe..

The saying “Find your tribe, love them hard.” Is the best advice a mother can teach her daughter. So many girls grow up thinking it’s okay to attack each other rather than encourage. I don’t know if it’s hormones or what, but girls, find your tribe. It’s not catty behavior looking for the “dirt”, so […]

Last year of my 30’s- Happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me! I can’t believe I am turning 39. I don’t feel “old” and yet, I remember turning 21 and thinking my mom was ancient and she was only 39. Yikes! Is that how my kids view me? I mean, hundreds of articles sweep the internet on what to do before 40, as […]

The hard boiled egg and I

There is a story that boiling water either softens the potato or hardens the egg. Well, I have become the egg. I’ve had my share of hardships over the last 2 years, and somehow I let it harden me into someone I don’t like. I don’t like who I have become. In fact, when I […]

The way to a woman’s heart

It’s time for a cup of coffee and some hard talk. It’s true is women are semi-emotional and almost everything in our life is connected. Not all women, but most and I’m about to generalize here. Most women feel it’s their job to turn a house into a home. If the husband is unhappy with […]

Encounter with a Ho

Encounter with a Ho

Every one has heard at one point that so and so is a ho, right? I mean we have all heard that term, usually behind someone’s back. Rarely, do you meet someone who proudly proclaims they are a “Ho.” Anyways, that’s not the point. I already had my mind made up what she would be […]

The woman who gave up

The woman who gave up

Today’s a hard anniversary. A friend of mine grew up in a house with a very abusive dad. Her mom had to perceive the image of perfection. Every day at 5 o’clock she would become nervous if her husband coming home. She walked on eggshells because she knew something would be wrong. Her home was […]

Why am I doing this to myself?

Why am I doing this to myself?

Its 10 o’clock at night, and I am eating a thousand pounds of chocolate, and fully invested in the idea that I will most likely gain a lot of weight. A giant chocolate bunny that my husband gave me for Easter, and promised I would eat it in moderation, which up until this point I […]

Finding peace in the middle of chaos

I am grateful for my little piece of country in the middle of the trailerhood where I find a source of simplicity when my mind is overwhelmed with complicated burdens, and nothing is in my control. Sunshine and open spaces have a positive effect on the mind, body and soul when the burdens become too […]

The Journey Begins

  Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton For the last few years, I have been a wondering soul of sorts. My body hasn’t traveled far, but my mind has been in search of happiness, in search of me. My life was so wrapped up in being the perfect […]